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07-22-04 - 9:52 p.m.

Hello. It's been a while.. since I wrote in this insane thing. Well.. not much is happening in my life.

I'm lonely.

Lonely as fuck.

But... besides that... nothing.

I'm crocheting a lot. Not making anything, really. But I do have about 20 scarfs and three hats that I made, as well as an afghan someone bought the yarn for me to make. I'm making a baby blanket for the woman I babysit for. She's pregnant. After she has the baby, I'm not watching the kids anymore, and I could'nt be happier about it. I want kids.. eventually, but not right now. Oh no, not right now.

I went to Dusty's this past Sunday. We did things I just can't write in this diary. I don't know if we are just friends are not.



(Ha. This is my... rambling first entry. GOtta love me.<3)